3 radar detectors that are great for highway driving

Does your work make you drive your car on the highway? Do you often fear getting a speeding ticket from the highway police? If you travel a lot across various highways and plan to use a radar detector, your preference should be to get a radar detector with good range and sensitivity.

Being a truck driver, I spent most of my time travelling through various highways. The fear of getting a speeding ticket was always there in my mind and I did get a couple of speed tickets. That’s when I decided to buy a radar detector.

Buying a radar detector is not an easy task. Since I am internet savvy, I found it really difficult to find one with the correct reviews and ratings. But, then I met an old friend of mine in the gadget shop and he helped me in selecting the best radar detector for highway driving. I checked out these 3 models-



This is a high end radar detector that will cost you a whopping $550. It has an excellent range and very good response time compared to other models available. The dual antenna mounted in the radar detector helps to scan for speed traps in all directions. It helps drivers like me about the direction the radar gun’s signals are coming from and to slow down immediately. It has everything you need in a radar detector which works perfectly well in the city as well.


Valentine One

The second option I considered is another exciting model in the category of best radar detector for highway driving. It has got extremely long range and strong signals, making it one of the top models for highway driving. Valentine One offers outstanding features like large red arrows to show the direction of radar signals coming, bogey counter displaying the number of simultaneous threats detected in one area etc. Valentine One can easily detect lasers as well as K, Ka and X bands. At below $500, it is a good buy.


Escort Redline XR

This model under my scrutiny does not have fancy looks, but performance-wise it is a clear winner. The LED display shows you clear readings even when the sun is striking really hard. The expert mode in Escort Redline XR shows you nine simultaneous readings. The strength of the Escort Redline XR is that it has long range detection capability and hence is one of the favorite radar detectors for highway driving.


All the above given models are tested and approved by radar detector experts and after testing them and I really liked them very much. After hours of research, I finally ended up buying the Valentine One and now I am driving my vehicle without threat to my pocket.

If you want to read useful info about other models I suggest checking out this website.

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