How to install a new crib?


There is no greater joy in the world than the news of becoming parents. This news is equally exciting and challenging. With this great joy, there comes a greater responsibility. After all, you are going to have a little child. He/she will be completely dependent on you for all their needs. So, it is better to be prepared for everything beforehand. The most useful thing is a baby crib. While there are various types of baby cribs available in the market today, the basic steps to installing or assembling a crib are always the same.

Things you need

Headboard, Footboard and the rails of the crib.

Crib Hardware.

Drop side rod.

A mattress.





A set of ratchets.

A helper.



Step by step installation of a new crib-

So you have already bought a brand new crib for your unborn child. Most cribs come with installation instructions which may get confusing. So here we are to guide you all the way-

STEP 1- Take all the required items to your nursery. This way you don’t have to carry the crib once it is assembled.

STEP 2- Unpack and assemble everything properly. Check the condition of all pieces and whether you have got everything you need.

STEP 3- Read the instructions if you have them otherwise skip this step.

STEP 4- Lay down the headboard (widest side of the crib). Lean it against a wall such that all the screw holes are facing you.

STEP 5- Screw on the latch brackets so that they are facing towards the inside of the crib. This is because the brackets will keep the mattress attached to the crib.

STEP 6- Repeat step 4 and 5 for the floorboard. You will also need to get a springboard to support the mattress.

STEP 7- Attach the stationary rails on either side. Slide the dowels onto the latches and screw them on.

STEP 8- Time to attach the ladder-like mattress support. You will need your helper for this step. Have them raise the left side of the panel so that the screw holes of the panel and the crib are at an equal height. Screw it tightly.

STEP 9- Repeat step 8 for the right side of the panel. Attach the mattress panel at the highest height for newborn babies. You can go lower for older babies.

STEP 10- Put the mattress in. Find a mattress that fits perfectly.

FINAL STEP- Double check all the screws and latches. They must be fixed perfectly.

Voila! You have a brand new crib!


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