I prefer to use an old fashioned GPS unit in my car


Even though I was aware of GPS and the benefits it could provide, when I bought my first car, I decided not to go for an affordable GPS. In fact, I made up my mind to go for an old fashioned GPS unit that does not support Wi-Fi and all such stuff.

As it was going to be my first GPS unit, I wanted something that would fall under $100. I thought I would upgrade it once I got used to its working. Most of the shops nearby were offering high end GPS units, so I decided to go online and search for an old fashioned GPS unit. After spending some time, I came up with 3 models that were very good and do not cross my budget.


Holux M-1000 32 Channel Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Holux M-1000 is an exceptional GPS tracker as it offers a few features. The size of the Holux M-1000 is just about the size of a matchbox and it does not weigh much. The battery life is very good and it can last for about 23 hours. The Li-ion batteries need some time for initial charging though. Because of its Bluetooth capability, you can easily pair this GPS unit with the Smartphone. When I tested, it worked perfectly well and the information provided by Holux M-1000 is 100% accurate. At below $50, it is one of the best options one can have if you are looking for an old fashioned GPS unit.


Realtime GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracking System Tracker Device

Realtime GPS Tracker device is another old fashioned GPS system that you can buy easily online. The main advantage of Realtime GPS Tracker device is that it works with almost all cellular providers. So, you can easily use the SIM in your Smartphone. It comes with free tracking software; therefore you don’t have to worry about the monthly fees. The readings displayed by the Real-time GPS Tracker device match with Google Earth and hence it is a perfect option for those who wish to have an old fashioned GPS unit in their car. With a price tag of below $90, it is a good buy.


Zoombak ZMBK346 Advanced GPS Universal Locator

Zoombak ZMBK346 is a reasonably priced old fashioned GPS tracker. It comes with a monthly fee of $10. The lightweight, easy-to-use, water resistant GPS tracker can be placed in your car in easy location.  Zoombak ZMBK346 uses cellular and satellite technology to locate. A real advantage of Zoombak ZMBK346 GPS unit is that when the object is out of monitoring zone, it will send you an email and then you can get in touch with the Zoombak website to find the exact location.

The three models are very good and cheap and can deliver good performance. I chose Holux M-1000, what about you?



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