Regular Vacuum Cleaner or Electric Broom?


The battle between a regular vacuum cleaner and the electric broom is quite interesting. It is very difficult for a homemaker to answer which one of these is better, a regular vacuum cleaner or an electric broom. Both the products offer various benefits and are a must-have in every home.

A regular vacuum cleaner offers more suction power compared to an electric broom. If your house is big and you have spacious rooms, then there is no doubt you need a regular vacuum cleaner as it can cover more areas. Also, more space is available to store it. But, if you are having small rooms, and want to clean the corners and areas under the couches, you need a compact and maneuverable electric broom.

Even though most electric brooms are battery operated, you need to charge it after each use. The charge in some models will last for only 2 – 3 hours, you need to charge it before using it the next time. They are more versatile and easy to use compared to the regular vacuum cleaner. You can easily carry an electric broom wherever you want and it will sweep away all the dust from the floor, corners, carpets and walls.

If you are ready to spend few extra dollars, you can get high end electric brooms with excellent suction power challenging any regular vacuum cleaner. There are no dust bags in the electric broom and hence less worry. You can clean the dust compartment whenever you feel necessary.

Another advantage of the electric broom is they have a thin nozzle. Thin nozzle allows you to reach anywhere you want and clean even the tightest corners in your home. It does not mean the suction power is less with a sleek nozzle.

As there are no cords (most electric brooms are cordless, only few high end models have cord for charging), you don’t have to worry about the cords getting stuck or hanging around the house causing nuisance. I feel very comfortable using the electric broom and I am able to clean my house in 2 hours using my all new electric broom.

But as I said earlier, there are many advantages and some disadvantages of the electric broom. It is difficult to choose the better option among the two. The decision to buy either depends upon how you are going to use it. For a small house or a house with many corners and staircases, the easy-to-use electric broom is preferred over an affordable vacuum cleaner. In fact, what I have seen is that, the electric broom has replaced the regular vacuum cleaner in many homes due to this advantage.



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