Who still uses camcorders?


Around 10 years back, camcorders were ruling the market. Camcorders were used by everyone, from beginners to professionals. But today things have changed; people using camcorders have come down. The main reason for the drop in the count is the rising popularity of the DSLR’s and the Smartphone. So the question is who uses camcorders now?

I am a professional wedding photographer and I use the Sony PXW-X180 Full HD XDCAM Handheld Camcorder, as I need to take excellent quality wedding videos. I also have the Sony FDR-AX100 4K Ultra HD Camcorder for my personal use (I am a part time filmmaker).

Camcorders are for those who care about the quality of videos that are captured. Yes, DSLR and Smartphone are capable of recording quality videos with their latest high end cameras. But they are no match to the quality of videos created with high-end camcorders.

If you are looking for the top camcorders in 2017, a high-end camcorder can capture crystal clear videos of professionally quality. You can directly upload these videos in YouTube or Web without any editing or touchups. A camcorder offers exceptional looking videos in low light and high optical zoom.

DSLRs have high sensors compared to camcorders but that does not mean they are capable of capturing professional looking videos. The major drawback of DSLRs is that they do not have optical zoom like a camcorder and their audio recording capability is not good.

When you are trying to record a professional looking video, be it a wedding video or a short film, you need to capture every minute detail. You must have a good audio sensor to capture all the sounds clearly. A camcorder does this easily when compared to a DSLR. It can be enhanced with an additional microphone supported in some models.


The ability to shoot videos of moving objects is another excellent feature in a camcorder. Camcorders are specifically designed for shooting videos and hence they perform well when shooting high energy events like a cricket or soccer game.

When I shoot wedding videos, I tend to move around a lot. There are many close-up shots and long-shots to be taken and I feel comfortable doing it with my camcorder. Just imagine how awkward it will look if you are shooting a video with DSLR in your hand. Camcorders have image stabilization feature making it easy to move around and still capture quality videos.

Years back camcorders were for everyone, but today I feel camcorders are for professionals and also for those who prefer taking videos of their personal moments using a camcorder.


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